Author: Johnny Brown

What to do if the dissertation is not of scientific value

Any scientific work should be significant and valuable to the industry or directly to science. The study should include such elements as novelty, practical significance and value of the project. They predetermine the scientific contribution of the author to the development of the industry. Scientific value and its varieties The value and significance of the […]

The difficulties of writing a thesis in medicine

It is not easy to work in the health sector. Also, it becomes more and more difficult to make discoveries, improve methods, preparations and other elements of this environment. The development of this industry lies on the shoulders of highly qualified specialists and scientists who prove their case with the help of dissertations. Creating a […]

The correct design of quotations in scientific papers

Any research is based on theory; it is proven and consists of reliable information. Therefore, it should have quotes. In the scientific community, it is customary not to abuse quotations for a number of reasons: They reduce the originality of the work; A large number of quotations are not characteristic of research, but of abstracts; […]