The correct design of quotations in scientific papers

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Any research is based on theory; it is proven and consists of reliable information. Therefore, it should have quotes. In the scientific community, it is customary not to abuse quotations for a number of reasons:

  • They reduce the originality of the work;
  • A large number of quotations are not characteristic of research, but of abstracts;
  • The abundance of quotations is doubtful for readers regarding the plausibility of the study.

What are the quotes?

The most common types of quotations used in writing diploma and other scientific works are direct and indirect.

Direct quoting involves copying the words of the author down to punctuation, spelling, font, and other features. Such inclusion of materials in the thesis allows a detailed transfer of the opinion of the scientist. It is best to apply this way when deciphering theses and definitions, to represent the subject of research.

Indirect quotes are paraphrasing the words of the scientist. The main thing is that the meaning of his statement should not be distorted. Without such a presentation, writing a diploma is virtually impossible.

How to make a quote?

Regardless of what kind of citation the author of the thesis intends to use, he needs to indicate the source of information correctly. When making a direct quote, the words of the scientist are quoted. In fact, it will be framed as a direct speech.

Quotes and anti-plagiarism

Experts recommend sticking to certain boundaries when quoting materials. The optimal amount of quotes should not exceed 20-30% of the total thesis. Each project is tested for uniqueness, which determines the level of citation and own developments. It should be noted that the program will identify not all quotes and marked.

When making an indirect link, it is important to convey the thought of the scientist correctly. It is important to note who exactly holds this point of view.

When writing a thesis, it is important to show not only the ability to find, process, sort information, but also to set their own records and make new discoveries. Therefore, the quotes are treated with extreme caution, paying particular attention to the practical part.