Types of dissertations

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Master’s dissertation

This document appears in the student’s life between the thesis project and the Ph.D. thesis. It is the simplest of scientific research. It should be noted that the protection of such work will not bring the author the award of a title or a scientific degree. After the work was submitted to the examination committee, the researcher presented it orally, and with the help of additional materials, he was awarded an academic master’s degree. It confirms the fact of studying the relevant education program and its successful development.

The structure and requirements of the master’s thesis have many similarities with the graduation project. Often it is written on the basis of the report of pre-diploma practice and is an intensely studied problem of the thesis. In the future, if the work was done qualitatively, it can serve as the basis for a master’s thesis.

It should be noted that the concept of “master’s thesis” appeared relatively recently, but it has already taken root.

Ph.D. thesis

This type of research requires a serious approach. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete it. It is essential that the work reflects the position of the author on the topic, suggest a new method for solving the problem posed. The proposed reform should have a qualitative and quantitative justification: analysis, calculations, confirmation of the effectiveness of the proposed measures.

Doctoral dissertation

Writing this project refers to the development of higher education. After a successful defense, the author is awarded the degree of “Doctor of Science.” Sometimes the creation of this document takes about 5-10 years.

Most often, researchers continue to develop the topic that they covered in their Ph.D. thesis. This writing is the most difficult. Only those who have graduated from the magistracy and postgraduate studies can begin it.

It is essential that the doctoral dissertation is relevant, considering the possibility of solving a long-existing problem with new methods. Any statement and hypothesis must be supported by evidence.

In order for a dissertation to be completed successfully, it is essential to allocate time for writing it correctly. It is not necessary to postpone everything for the last moment.