What to do if the dissertation is not of scientific value

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Any scientific work should be significant and valuable to the industry or directly to science. The study should include such elements as novelty, practical significance and value of the project. They predetermine the scientific contribution of the author to the development of the industry.

Scientific value and its varieties

The value and significance of the thesis can be expressed in three forms: theoretical, practical and physical.

The theoretical value is manifested in new discoveries, laws and methods. This is the base, which actually leads to results in practice.

The practical value of the thesis involves an assessment of the results of work that have been implemented in practice. That is the direct result of the application of theoretical knowledge in life. For example, the development of new production technology, the course of which is described in theory and acts as aт instruction, and people, following the recommendations, perform the necessary actions. The uniqueness of practical significance is that the project’s benefits manifest themselves in a variety of forms: savings, reduction of time spent or labor units, improved financial status, etc.

How to increase the scientific value of the thesis?

There are cases when examiners do not see the scientific value of the dissertation. In this case, it is recommended to resort to the following methods:

Add evidence base to the study. To conduct additional analysis, calculate new performance indicators, etc. As an option, you should double-check the available calculations and add the findings.

Confirm the value of the project in figures. This method is only suitable for mathematical, technical, economic and other theses when a graduate student will have to show and confirm the effectiveness of the proposed measures with calculations. The numbers never lie. The main thing is to recheck the calculations in order to prevent mistakes that distort the result of the study.

To emphasize the scientific value and novelty of the thesis, you should rely on the past works of scientists, emphasizing their features, gaps and the need to fill them in or reform individual postulates.